Aeron Remastered

2'726 CHF

  • AER1B33DF ALP G1 CD CD DC1 23103 2111
  • Size B
  • with tilt limiter & forward tilt
  • ALP Dual postureFit back support
  • G1 Frame Graphite
  • G1 Base/Chassis finish polished Aluminium
  • DC1 Ø 65 mm hardfloor casters
  • BK armpads Leather black
  • Bezug 8Z Pellicle graphite
  • Enthält 39% rezyklierte Rohstoffe!
  • Wiederverwertbar bis zu 91%!
  • 12 year’s warranty (!)


Designers: Bill Stumpf & Don Chadwick

Aeron’s functionality shows through, contributing to a distinctive look that invites you to sit
and experience the chair for yourself. From the transparency of the Pellicle suspension
material to the chair’s curvilinearity, Aeron was designed around people, with Bill Stumpf and
Don Chadwick creating an aesthetic all their own. It’s no wonder the chair was added to the
permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art™ even before the first one was sold.

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